More Domain Hacks and Cool International Domains

Bored with your .com? Are you over your .org?

In a world where “cap­tur­ing the .com” is gen­er­ally thought of as nec­es­sary for brand suc­cess, a few proud rebels stand apart from the rest. We are the domain hack­ers, and we make the inter­net more fun for every­one.

Remem­ber That is one early exam­ple of domain hack­ing. I’ve talked about it here before, too.

Today, we’ll just look at the .so domain exten­sion, from Soma­lia. Here are a few that I found were avail­able, along with ideas for what they could pos­si­bly be used for:

  • (a musician’s per­sonal site)
  • (cof­fee or fast news)
  •, (you are so… what?)
  • (/hot /cool /witty, etc.)
  • (/trendy /typical)

Here are a cou­ple of other, non-Somalian, domains that are avail­able at the time of this writ­ing (.gy is from Guyana):

  • (San Fran­cisco? Lon­don?)
  • (obvi­ously it’s about the future. Also
  • (urbindic­tionary com­peti­tor?)

I think that’s enough for today. If you want to pur­chase any of these domains, head on over to 101Domain (my pre­ferred inter­na­tional domain reg­is­trar, I used them to reg­is­ter this site) and get it taken care of.

Thanks for read­ing!

PS — I found sev­eral cool web­sites while research­ing this post. Here are the three coolest:


Cool Domain Names: And More

So, as you well know by now, I’m a pro­po­nent of non-standard domain names. I reg­is­tered my domain with 101Domain and it was super-easy. I just today was brows­ing around to see what new domains are com­ing out (.xxx! Really!) and I found the .gs domain from South Geor­gia… it pro­vides excel­lent pos­si­bil­ity! See for your­self:

(I’ve checked, and these domains are avail­able as of 3:30pm PST 2/11/2011)

  • &

Cool, right? That was a rhetor­i­cal ques­tion. I can’t even hear you when you respond to those ques­tions, silly goose!

Full dis­clo­sure, I’m an affil­i­ate for 101Domain, so if you buy any domain names from them, I get a small amount.

BTW — I had orig­i­nally bought this domain with the hope of rank­ing for my name, which turns out to be really dif­fi­cult. How­ever, today, I just found out that if you Google for “alex weber is awe­some”, this site is the first hit! Sweet!