How to install Conda, Anaconda, and Spyder IDE using Homebrew on Mac OS

Today I needed to install Anaconda to install Spyder IDE so that I could work on some Python stuff. Python can get a little tricky with environments in my experience, so I wanted to document what I ended up doing in case it helps someone else.

Basically, it’s a few steps. I’m going to assume you already have Homebrew installed. If you don’t, do that first.

I’m also assuming you generally know how to navigate the terminal and edit files. I assume you know if you’re using bash or zsh. If you don’t know these things, probably just install using the normal Anaconda installer.

  1. brew cask install anaconda
  2. edit your ~/.zshrc or ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile
  3. add /usr/local/Homebrew/anaconda3/bin to your $PATH
  4. verify install with which conda
  5. conda install spyder
  6. spyder

At this point, Spyder launched from the terminal window.

That’s what I did. Hope it helps you get your Python on.