List of “Adventure Time” Sexual Innuendos

Note: This list is not complete. If you want to contribute, use the contact form.

episode 207b “The Silent King”

– repeated references to spanking — the goblin king Zergioch would regularly spank his subjects for fun.

episode 301a “Conquest of Cuteness”

– Finn says “I’m gonna go manhandle those guys’ banandles”… Jake’s reply: “What?”

episode 302b “Hitman”

– the Ice King drips honey on Breakfast Princess’ waffle while moaning.

– Finn & Jake are making sandwiches. Jake tells Finn the meat is “Meat-Man’s meat” and they wonder if it hurts when “meat-man gives us his meat” … and right after, the Ice King flies in through the window and spits snow everywhere.

episode 311b “Paper Pete”

– When Paper Pete introduces himself, he tells Finn, “But you can call me Pe-pe.” Finn replies, “Uhh… I’ll call you Pete.”