Party Team Extreme

This post isn’t for the faint of heart–or liver.

Alex Weber wants YOU! for Party Team Extreme
Do you have what it takes... to be a member of PARTY TEAM EXTREME?

I’ve been kicking this idea around for a while to make a list of the biggest/best/awesomest parties and festivals from all around the world, and systematically attending them. You’ll find the current list at the bottom of this post, and I encourage you to suggest others!

So what about the PARTY TEAM? Well, if you’re the jet-setting, adventure-seeking, pretty-bitchin-awesome type of person, I invite you to come along for this rad journey. You don’t have to come for all of the events, but I’d love to assemble a crew who can descend on any festival whether it’s Mardi Gras, Carnival, or La Tomatina and GO HARD. Like I said before: DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES?

If you’re reading this, you just might…

If you want to learn more, the list of events is below. I’m arranging them in a rough order of how I’m thinking of attending them, starting with US/Canada events and moving farther abroad. Anything past the first two or three is not in any sort of order other than how soon I found them.

A Few Considerations Regarding The List

There are certain festivals that I’m excluding here because they didn’t appeal to me, I’ve already done them, or they are so well-known that it’s almost not worth mentioning. Among these are St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland or NYC and Halloween in any large US city.

There are so many music/arts festivals in the US and other countries that I couldn’t possibly attend all of them. I’m targeting the biggest music festivals, and ones that cater towards my taste in music (electronic dance music).

I selected most of these events because they seemed fun or weird. Unique experiences FTW..

There are also a few that I excluded because I’ve already been to them! The list of “Attended” festivals is at the bottom of this list.

The Definitive Extreme Party List:

Awesomely Attended Festivals List

PS- Party Team Extreme abbreviates as PTX. There is definitely a way to make that into an insignia and stamp it all over everything. Consider that when you’re thinking about joining.

Update (April 2012): I’ve attended Bay To Breakers — it was amazing. I also have my ticket for Burning Man this year and am planning to attend!

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