This Post Isn’t About The Holidays

I know it’s Winter Holiday Season, but shut up. I’ll get to that later. Maybe.

I did a really satisfying small project today. First, some backstory and musical accompaniment…

Alex Weber, The DJ

Years ago, I was a Superfamous World-class DJ who was loved and feared far and wide.

(I thought I told you to shut up, just go with me on this one, OK?)

So, while I was busy being awesome, I met Jordan from The Art of Charm and he was so impressed with my unique combination of exessive charisma, social grace, and total nerdiness that he basically pleaded with me for like a year to join his company and help them be more awesome. Something like that.

Being as legendar-ily amazing and infinitely compassionate as I was am, I could not refuse. So I set aside my diamond-encrusted platinum-plated SL-1200s and joined The Art of Charm in their quest to teach men everywhere the Way of Excellence.

Mine was way cooler. It had diamonds.

Over time, my immense fame and reputation has dwindled. However, I was presented with an unique opportunity recently: Join forces with DJ Vandelay and Xiaoyu to form… Something Awesome That Has No Official Name!

This is pretty much awesome, and I’m really excited at the chance to DJ live again.

Something Like A Tragedy Strikes!

And then, people started asking me for stuff. Stupid stuff, like a mix to hear what style I like to play or a picture they could use. So stupid, I know!

So I started mixing, and I put some mixes online. And then yesterday I started drawing some characters to make an icon for myself. Here are a couple little sketches:

They’re mostly upside-down, I know. I’m not sure why my scanner did that, but you can just turn your monitor upside down or stand with your head between your legs to see them right-side up. I’ll wait.

Pretty cool, right? I thought so myself. Problem was, I didn’t want something that looked like I drew it on paper, I wanted something that looked slick and cool and awesome and other words that mean those same things.

Presto-Change-o, Adobe-o!

So I fired up Adobe Illustrator and put my skillz to work. Then I took that product into Photoshop, and finished it off. The ol’ one-two punch, or something. I know you know I know what I’m talking about. I can see it in your eyes.

Feast your eyes on the beauty of the finished product:

I’m pretty proud of how it came out. I mean, how awesome is that?? Quiet, that was a rhetorical question.

If you follow me around the Intertubes (like I know you do!) then you’ll notice this in pretty heavy rotation. It’s already up with my redesigned Twitter page — Alex Weber on Twitter and I’m also using it on my Soundcloud.

I also made the graphic so that I could turn it into a sticker pretty easily.

What do you think, is this awesome?

Shut up. I know it’s awesome. That was a trick question.