What Time Is It? Adventure Time!

This is only the most awesome show in the world right now. Really, how can any video that has candy-zombies and thinly-veiled sexual innuendo directed at baked goods not be good?

If you don’t already know about Adventure Time, think about this for a second: are we really that good of friends? How long have you known me?

Just kidding. I just think this show is so goddamn awesome that everyone should know about it. Also, thanks to the good people of internet fan-piracy, it’s online! Cartoon Network doesn’t let me embed the episodes on my blog, so you get this legal-grey-area version below. Mmmm, grey area.

Update: If you haven’t seen the pilot episode, you should start with that (it is equally-if-not-more awesome).

Say it with me now… What time is it? Adventure Time!


My favorite Adventure Time quotations:

  • Mathematical! Rhombus! That was totally math!
  • Ugh. The Ice King is an oxy-moron.
  • Finn: Why are you always stealing princesses?
    Ice King: I’m going to make one marry me!
    Finn: That’s … stupid! (kicks the Ice King in the face)
    Ice King: Your hat is stupid!
    Finn: My hat… IS AWESOME!!
  • Look! Those ninjas are stealing that old man’s diamonds!

Hungry for more? You’re my kind of person! I used to have a link here to a shady-ish site with an episode of Adventure Time. It’s since been removed, so unfortunately, you’ll have to search the torrent of internet files yourself. If you REALLY want to find these episodes, shoot me a message from the contact form.

In related news, Finn is my new role model. Mathematical!