The sky’s gone dark – Charlie’s Diary

Woah… Let’s get those automated space cleanup satellites and lasers going before this becomes a real problem! TL;DR: space debris might compound and prevent launching new satellites.

For the first time since the 1960s it’s beginning to look as if human activity beyond low earth orbit is a distinct possibility within the next decade.

But there’s a fly in the ointment.

Kessler Syndrome, or collisional cascading, is a nightmare scenario for space activity. Proposed by NASA scientist Donald Kessler in 1978, it proposes that at a certain critical density, orbiting debris shed by satellites and launch vehicles will begin to impact on and shatter other satellites, producing a cascade of more debris, so that the probability of any given satellite being hit rises, leading to a chain reaction that effectively renders access to low earth orbit unacceptably hazardous.

This isn’t just fantasy. There are an estimated 300,000 pieces of debris already in orbit; a satellite is destroyed every year by an impact event. Even a fleck of shed paint a tenth of a millimeter across carries as much kinetic energy as a rifle bullet when it’s traveling at orbital velocity

Source: The sky’s gone dark – Charlie’s Diary

Do not let your CDN betray you: Use Subresource Integrity ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog

TL;DR: Using Subresource Integrity hashing/checking can prevent your site from participating in a Great Cannon-style attack.

Mozilla Firefox Developer Edition 43 and other modern browsers help websites to control third-party JavaScript loads and prevent unexpected or malicious modifications. Using a new specification called Subresource Integrity, a website can include JavaScript that will stop working if it has been modified. With this technology, developers can benefit from the performance gains of using Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) without having to fear that a third-party compromise can harm their website.

Source: Do not let your CDN betray you: Use Subresource Integrity ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog

37 rental cars – 2 days – 185,000 miles – FlyerTalk Forums

This clever member of the noteworthy travel-hacking forum FlyerTalk has posted about his recent trip to Funchal (Madeira, Portugal). TL;DR: He successfully exploited this promotion to earn 185,000 “miles”!

Interestingly, I once visited there, albeit under different circumstances.

Two weeks before my trip, Avis Funchal called me. A man explained that there had been an error in the system, and that 18 bookings had been created in my name.

I told him that there must indeed be an error, because it’s supposed to be 37. After typing a bit at his computer, he told me that this was nonsense, and that he would combine all the rentals into one. I explained about the promotion and that I would really appreciate 37 individual rentals.

He seemed to understand, but ended the conversation by saying “you will pay for this”, so it was unclear if he was onboard with it or not.

Source: 37 rental cars – 2 days – 185,000 miles – FlyerTalk Forums

Scientists have discovered why running makes you happy – The Washington Post

TL;DR: Leptin is a hormone that affects satiety and dopamine release. Researchers broke this pathway in mice and they ran a lot more because they didn’t get the dopamine from running.

In an experiment with mice, researchers compared normal mice to those that were genetically engineered to lack a leptin-sensitive protein called STAT3 that relays the leptin signal to release the reward chemical dopamine.

…the genetically engineered mice ran an extraordinary amount, nearly twice as much as the normal mice…

The new study supports previous research in humans that showed that low leptin levels are associated with exercise addiction and fast marathon times.

Source: Scientists have discovered why running makes you happy – The Washington Post

Cool Domain Names (October 2012 Edition)

First and foremost, I have found this one: (!!!)

Seriously, that must be one of the coolest domain name hacks I’ve ever thought of. And, as of now, it’s available! Someone please go buy that, kthx.

In keeping with this theme, I also see that is available, although unfortunately is not.

Unrelated side note: did you know Antarctica has it’s own domain extension?

Here’s a cool one that might be available for any mystic, superstitious types:

Finally, if anyone could register, that would probably be amazing.

List of “Adventure Time” Sexual Innuendos

Note: This list is not complete. If you want to contribute, use the contact form.

episode 207b “The Silent King”

– repeated references to spanking — the goblin king Zergioch would regularly spank his subjects for fun.

episode 301a “Conquest of Cuteness”

– Finn says “I’m gonna go manhandle those guys’ banandles”… Jake’s reply: “What?”

episode 302b “Hitman”

– the Ice King drips honey on Breakfast Princess’ waffle while moaning.

– Finn & Jake are making sandwiches. Jake tells Finn the meat is “Meat-Man’s meat” and they wonder if it hurts when “meat-man gives us his meat” … and right after, the Ice King flies in through the window and spits snow everywhere.

episode 311b “Paper Pete”

– When Paper Pete introduces himself, he tells Finn, “But you can call me Pe-pe.” Finn replies, “Uhh… I’ll call you Pete.”