We Like to Party.

Party Team Extreme – a bucket list of the most unique parties around the world. Do you have what it takes?

Alex Weber wants YOU! for Party Team Extreme

Party City – the place where you can buy Party

Party Rock – a term coined by LMFAO. They also make (radical) clothes under this brand name.

Party Inflation – when partying becomes a way of life you start saying “party” a lot. If the first thing you say in the morning is “party” then you might be a partyholic. If you party all the time then partying is going to become less valuable (it’s economics, baby) and this is the definition of party inflation.

Party Finger – point your finger up in the air, and wiggle it around like you just don’t care. Also put a smiley face on it with a pen or marker so when you point at the camera your finger is partying too. Where will it go next‽

The Notorious Party Boy Soundtrack

Party Foul – spilling a drink at a party or doing anything else that is un-party.

Party Hard – also the name of a song by Andrew WK, the self-proclaimed “king of partying”.

You should probably read the VICE guide to partying — it’s funny (and NSFW).

Party Cat is a webcomic mini-series about the dangers of partying with cats.

Well, I hope this was informative for you.

Think you know how to party hard? Check out the list for Party Team Extreme