Reblogs for 20100828

  • ALERT: Smoking Hot Bartenders Is A Scam

    Some clever scammers have launched a clickjacking attack which results in visitors to a site which displays photos of “smoking hot bartenders” to “Like” the site without their knowledge. It’s an interesting scam and the people behind it are now trying to generate some money from the site by launching the standard scam quizzes which get users to pay money and complete offers.

    Yesterday, many users saw their friends liking a page that said “:|:|:|:|:| Smoking Hot Bartenders :|:|:|:|:|”, as described Simon Mosk. Once clicked, users were prompted with the site pictured below.

    Smoking Hot Bartenders Screenshot

    On this site, if a user clicked anywhere, something stating that they “Liked” the Smoking Hot Bartenders showed up in their profile. It was a viral campaign which spread across thousands of users, however the scammers appear to now be attempting to monetize that traffic with quizzes. The bottom line is this: if you see this show up in your friend’s feed, don’t click the link.

    There are plenty of other places to find photos of “hot bartenders” on the internet, so there’s really no need to visit this one!

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