What Happens Next Will Amaze You

This illuminating presentation focuses on the intersection and conflict between online advertising and privacy, and how we got to where we are.

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The goal of our laws should be to reduce the number of irrevocable decisions we make, and enforce the same kind of natural forgetfulness that we enjoy offline.

The laws should be something average people can understand, setting down principles without tethering them to a specific technical implementation.

Laws should apply to how data is stored, not how it’s collected.
There are a thousand and one ways to collect data, but ultimately you either store it or you don’t. Regulating the database makes laws much harder to circumvent.

Laws will obviously only apply in one jurisdiction, but they should make services protect all users equally, regardless of their citizenship or physical location.

Laws should have teeth.
Companies that violate them must face serious civil penalties that bind on the directors of the company, and can’t be deflected with legal maneuvering.

Anyone who intentionally violates these laws should face criminal charges.

Source: What Happens Next Will Amaze You