Gadgets, Tigers, and A DJ Mix From Outer Space

Oh boy, do I have lots of fun stuff for you today!

First, I’m not sure if you know this… but I’m an avid (to say the least) gadget-blog reader. I regularly surf several of them to see what’s hot in upcoming technology. Can’t we all just be living in the future already?! So, I found the following video via¬†The Singularity Hub. It’s a parody of a Microsoft concept vid.

Watch and enjoy:

Then, have a listen to this mysterious DJ mix from “Felix YZ”, who is definitely not just a pseudonym of mine. Did you see how it says on Soundcloud that I captured the stream from a low-earth-orbiting party satellite? You can’t just make up awesome stuff like that.

Carrying on… Stay with me here, children, we have a lot to get through today!

Did you know there’s a totally righteous place in Thailand where you can chill out with Tigers? (Not the Detroit-based Major League Baseball team, but the jungle cats that are so Officially Bad-Ass that they needed to be capitalized.) Continue reading “Gadgets, Tigers, and A DJ Mix From Outer Space”