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Auto-Generating Clickbait With Recurrent Neural Networks | Lars Eidnes’ blog

TL;DR: the author set up neural net­works to auto-generate click­bait head­lines. View the out­put at or click through to read about the sys­tem.

In total, this gives us an infi­nite source of use­less jour­nal­ism, avail­able at no cost. If I remem­ber cor­rectly from eco­nom­ics class, this should drive the mar­ket value of use­less jour­nal­ism down to zero, forc­ing other pro­duc­ers of use­less jour­nal­ism to pro­duce some­thing else.

Source: Auto-Generating Click­bait With Recur­rent Neural Net­works | Lars Eidnes’ blog