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  • 15 Pieces of Papers Under Cre­ative Com­mons License (Attri­bu­tion Non-Commercial Share Alike)

    Naoyoshi Hikosaka, con­tem­po­rary artist, decided to put together a show called the Free Art Exhi­bi­tion so I decided to par­tic­i­pate.

    The exhibit­ing art works must be free to give away.
    It wasn’t easy to think of free art using the old tech­nol­ogy which can not be dig­i­tally copied. As a proud mem­ber of Tokyo F.A.T., I wanted to cre­ate some­thing sym­bolic!


    So here is what I did. First I designed a sym­bol with CC license marks and its meta data (see SVG data here), pressed it on 15 real bills, and of course signed my name on each of them. In a way, copy-lefted the bills. I own the author’s copy­right of the bills and at the same time they are com­pletely free!

    15 Pieces of Papers Under Creative Commons License (Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike)

    I com­pleted the work by lightly glu­ing the bills on a can­vas.
    Any­body can take it and leave. I also exhib­ited the stamp it self so that any­body can stamp it on his money or on him­self.

    If you want to make your own money in your own coun­try, the idea is for free.

    The Exhi­bi­tion is until the 22th of August.

    15 Pieces of Papers Under Cre­ative Com­mons License
    by Seiji Ueoka, F.A.T. Tokyo

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