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143 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Die

This is a piece I wrote for a per­sonal devel­op­ment pod­cast which isn’t online any more called “Go Leg­endary”. I thought it might fit here — thanks for read­ing.

Sometimes, We All Need A Kick In The Butt.

This list was designed to do just that.

Grab a sheet of paper, read through the list, and write down the first answer that comes to mind. You’ll need to think about some more than oth­ers, but if you can get through all 143 of them, you’ll have packed more intro­spec­tion into one ses­sion than most peo­ple do in a year–or maybe their entire lives.

Ready… set… go!

What I Know About Me and The World

  1. who am I?
  2. what do I know to be true?
  3. what are three of my best qual­i­ties accord­ing to me?
  4. what are three of my best qual­i­ties accord­ing to my best friend?
  5. what are three of my best qual­i­ties accord­ing to my sig­nif­i­cant other (or ex)?
  6. what are my three worst qual­i­ties?
  7. who is my best friend?
  8. what excuses have I been telling myself to keep me from action?
  9. what does my name mean?
  10. was I named after any­one?
  11. when was the last time I did some­thing for the first time?
  12. who was my child­hood hero?
  13. what three words describe my cur­rent first impres­sion?
  14. what three words describe my ideal first impres­sion?
  15. when i’m wast­ing time, what do I like doing?
  16. i need to calm myself down. what do I do?
  17. i need to pump myself up. what do I do?
  18. i just woke up. what’s the first thing to cross my mind?
  19. what’s my favorite thing to do when i’m by myself?
  20. what makes me want to work out/exercise? if I don’t, why not?
  21. what, if any­thing, would I like to be respon­si­ble for?
  22. do I have any tra­di­tions? what are they?
  23. what lim­i­ta­tions do I think I have?
  24. what would be dif­fer­ent if I didn’t have them?
  25. when I meet a new per­son, what do I notice about them?

The Story So Far

  1. what’s the motto for this era of my life
  2. who are the pri­mary char­ac­ters in my story right now (besides me?)
  3. how are they influ­enc­ing me?
  4. how am I influ­enc­ing them?
  5. what do I want more of in my life to make me happy?
  6. what do I want less of in my life?
  7. when was the last time I lost track of time?
  8. what’s the most impor­tant thing to focus on right now?
  9. what’s my quest in life?
  10. what are three things that make me happy?
  11. what are three things that i’m grate­ful for?
  12. when was the last time I sang karaoke?
  13. when was the last time I helped some­one?
  14. who has helped me get where I am?
  15. what choice do I regret in my life?

What’s Next for Me?

  1. where do I want to visit next?
  2. what one habit would I like to make?
  3. what one habit would I like to break?
  4. who would I meet, if I could meet any­one?
  5. what sport (extreme or oth­er­wise) would I like to try?
  6. what nat­ural won­ders do I want to see before I die?
  7. what celebrations/festivals/parties do I want to attend?
  8. what par­ties do I want to throw?
  9. what will my funeral be like?
  10. what’s an adven­ture that I can have in the next 30 days?
  11. what needs to be in my will?
  12. do I want to get mar­ried? if mar­ried, do I want to get divorced?

Your Creative Side

  1. if/when I get inter­viewed on TV, who will do the inter­view?
  2. if/when I get inter­viewed on TV, what will we talk about?
  3. if I were going to build ONE of some­thing, what would it be?
  4. if I could invent some­thing to change the world, what would it be?
  5. would I rather write a book, tv show, or screen­play?
  6. what would this writ­ten work be about?
  7. what skill/hobby would I like to mas­ter in my life?
  8. what’s some­thing that I col­lect, or would like to col­lect?

The Best In The World

  1. what is the best book I’ve ever read?
  2. what book should every­one else read?
  3. what book have I been want­ing to read (but haven’t yet)?
  4. what is my favorite pho­to­graph?
  5. what’s my favorite piece of art­work?
  6. what is the best movie ever?
  7. what’s a clas­sic movie I haven’t seen but have wanted to?
  8. if I could have ONE super­power, what would I choose?
  9. if I could become an ani­mal, what would I choose?
  10. if I won the lot­tery, what would I do with my win­nings?
  11. who is one of my cur­rent heroes?
  12. if a genie gave I three wishes, what would I ask for?
  13. what is the best food ever?
  14. what’s one food i’d like to try?
  15. what is my favorite color and what does it sym­bol­ize?
  16. if I were in a musi­cal group, what type of music would I play?
  17. what is the best smell in the world?
  18. what time of day are I most pro­duc­tive?
  19. what time of day are I most use­less?
  20. what’s my dream job?
  21. what do I do bet­ter than any­one I know?
  22. what are my biggest strengths/assets?
  23. what are my hid­den tal­ents?

The Darker Side of You

  1. have I ever com­mit­ted a crime?
  2. if I were going to plan a heist, what would I steal?
  3. what’s the worst thing i’ve ever done for myself?
  4. what’s the best thing i’ve ever done for myself?
  5. What’s a secret that I’ve never told any­one (about your­self or about some­one else)?
  6. what has been the sad­dest moment of my life?
  7. what am I afraid of?
  8. If I wasn’t afraid of these things, how would my life be dif­fer­ent?
  9. Am I afraid to die? why?

What If…

  1. what is the thing i’re most proud of accom­plish­ing so far?
  2. what will I regret doing or not doing if I con­tinue liv­ing as I are?
  3. what do I want my legacy to be?
  4. if I retired today, what would I do?
  5. at what age do I plan to retire?
  6. given $ : 100, 1000, 10,000, 1mil — what do I do with it?
  7. i have to get a tat­too. what and where?
  8. what was the best part of being a kid?
  9. i have to change my name. what’ll it be?
  10. You have to write a let­ter to some­one (that’s right, a real let­ter.) Who’s it going to? What’ll it say?
  11. what would I change about my appear­ance?
  12. if I could tell my past self any­thing, what would it be?

Deep Questions

  1. what parts of my life have become stag­nant?
  2. what are my most appeal­ing char­ac­ter­is­tics?
  3. am I doing some­thing that mat­ters?
  4. what am I doing to help oth­ers?
  5. what am I afraid of?
  6. who do I love, and what am I doing about it?
  7. am I tak­ing enough risks?
  8. what’s a cal­cu­lated risk I could take this week?
  9. what makes me angry?
  10. what was my most fulfilling/content moment?
  11. when am I proud of what i’ve done?
  12. what grudges am I hold­ing?
  13. when do I stand up for myself?
  14. what path does my heart say I should fol­low?
  15. do I smile more, or frown more?
  16. what did I used to love doing, when I was young?
  17. what excites me about the future?
  18. where do I want to be tomor­row?
  19. what do I look for­ward to every day?
  20. when I day­dream, what do I see?

Unlocking Your Passions

  1. what sub­ject can I talk about for hours?
  2. what do I most enjoy doing for oth­ers?
  3. what are five expe­ri­ences that gave me a sense of growth and ful­fill­ment?
  4. what makes me smile?
  5. what’s easy for me?
  6. what sparks my cre­ativ­ity and gets I imag­in­ing?
  7. what would I do for free?
  8. what would I regret not hav­ing tried?
  9. if I could sub­scribe to only 5 mag­a­zines, what would they be?
  10. if I were stranded on a desert island with food, water, and shel­ter, what would I miss most?
  11. what exter­nal bar­ri­ers are hold­ing me back from pur­su­ing my pas­sion?
  12. what do peo­ple fre­quently ask I for help with?
  13. if I had to teach some­thing, what would I teach?
  14. if I were giv­ing a TED talk (18-minute pre­sen­ta­tion to a young, intel­li­gent and influ­en­tial audi­ence), what would it be about?
  15. what are my val­ues (
  16. what chal­lenges have I already over­come?
  17. what chal­lenges are I now fac­ing?
  18. if I could live in one place for the rest of my life, where and why?
  19. what’s on my bucket list (to do before I die)?