Excellent Piece from @BrainPicker about the Personal Philosophy of Bruce Lee, Including Never-Before-Seen Writings from the Bruce Lee Foundation

Brain Pickings has an extremely interesting piece about the personal philosophy of Bruce Lee, including exclusive access to materials from the Bruce Lee Foundation.

Below, a set of affirmations or reflections written by Lee on a notecard:

“You will never get any more out of life than you expect

Keep your mind on the things you want and off those you don’t

Things live by moving and gain strength as they go

Be a calm beholder of what is happening around you

There is a difference a) the world b) our reaction to it

Be aware of our conditioning! Drop and dissolve inner blockage

Inner to outer ~~~ we start by dissolving our attitude not by altering outer condition

See that there is no one to fight, only an illusion to see through

No one can hurt you unless you allow him to

Inwardly, psychologically, be a nobody”