Fixes And Focusing

Here’s the mix I’m listening to while I write this, give it a spin:

I’m pretty happy with how my Recommended Reading (aka re-blogged posts) section is shaping up. I’m using the RSS Digest plugin, if you’re curious.

Today while browsing, it occurred to me that none of the posts were appearing on my “Reading” page like I’d promised! Really, how I could let something like that slip by is both shocking, and appalling. In that order.

Actually, maybe it’s not.

I don’t know if this is common (although I expect it is) but sometimes I don’t feel motivated to be awesome. Don’t worry too much, I still am being awesome, because I can’t avoid that. Still, I’ve been doing some thinking over the past week about the nature of this apathy.

One conclusion I’ve reached is that I may let myself off the hook easily–say, attribute responsibility to others or my environment rather than take it myself–or with simple things like not doing affirmations, meditation and/or exercise daily. These three things should help a bit, so I’m getting back on the wagon.

You can feel free to push me in the right direction, too, although I’m not really sure what form that would take at the moment. I suppose it would be support and encouragement to be disciplined with myself and be more awesome.

Another thing that was actually brought up by my mom was that if I’m feeling apathetic, it might be a result of spiritual unhealthiness. For a long time, I just blanket-rejected any talk about religion/spirituality. Indeed, I’m still grappling with some aspects where things don’t line up with Science. It’s not like I’m about to become super-by-the-bible-Christian and believe dinosaurs never happened, or anything, but still… I’m a pretty logical dude, so “spirituality” has been a turn-off for me in the past.

So, as with anything that I don’t really understand but see benefit to, I’m going to do some exploring. Check out a few different things, and of course, read a lot more things. Also, I intend to call upon a certain friend of mine who’s currently doing a masters program in Pastoral Counseling for some–err–Pastoral… Counseling. 🙂

On the whole, I’m enjoying my life right now, I just suppose this is next area of learning that I’m going to work on.

What do you think about spirituality? Do you have any sort of spiritual practice in your life? If not, why?