Havana’s Hotspots | The Verge

TL;DR: Cuba has more Internet infrastructure than you may think, and the rest is getting built by Chinese companies… probably to aid censorship.

If Chinese companies continue to be Cuba’s internet provider of choice, it’s easy to imagine a criollo rendition of Beijing’s “Great Firewall,” with all the censorship, limited access, and surveillance that implies.
“Cuba wants to go from a model that basically doesn’t need censorship on the internet because there practically is no internet” to using the web as an instrument of control, Henken, the sociologist at Baruch College in New York, told me. “We tend to erroneously think of the internet in the West as having automatic tendencies in terms of freedom … [but] instead of having the internet change China, China changed the internet.”

Source: Havana’s Hotspots | The Verge