LCD Soundsystem Captured By Panda Thugs!

Are you sitting down? Go ahead, grab a seat. Okay… there’s something I need to show you. Here, I’ll just post it:

Calm down! Resist the urge to don a panda suit and kidnap your favorite musician/celebrity. Seriously, I’m going to stop posting exciting things like this if you keep getting rowdy like that! (No, I won’t.)

I’ll be honest, I kind of freaked out when I saw this video for the first time. LA Times Blogs said it well:

The clip feels both wonderfully anarchic and vaguely unsettling, which might just be the mood that Jonze was going for.

Ahh, Spike Jonze is responsible. That sort of makes sense, in that he’s a well-respected director and this is a well-made-if-very-weird video.

My favorite part is probably how at the end all of the panda-suited captors seem so happy, and the band seems legitimately traumatized. Now that’s filmmaking!