More Domain Hacks and Cool International Domains

Bored with your .com? Are you over your .org?

In a world where “capturing the .com” is generally thought of as necessary for brand success, a few proud rebels stand apart from the rest. We are the domain hackers, and we make the internet more fun for everyone.

Remember That is one early example of domain hacking. I’ve talked about it here before, too.

Today, we’ll just look at the .so domain extension, from Somalia. Here are a few that I found were available, along with ideas for what they could possibly be used for:

  • (a musician’s personal site)
  • (coffee or fast news)
  •, (you are so… what?)
  • (/hot /cool /witty, etc.)
  • (/trendy /typical)

Here are a couple of other, non-Somalian, domains that are available at the time of this writing (.gy is from Guyana):

  • (San Francisco? London?)
  • (obviously it’s about the future. Also
  • (urbindictionary competitor?)

I think that’s enough for today. If you want to purchase any of these domains, head on over to 101Domain (my preferred international domain registrar, I used them to register this site) and get it taken care of.

Thanks for reading!

PS – I found several cool websites while researching this post. Here are the three coolest: