The Perks of Being A 10 (And how to do it)

“I’m sorry, we cannot give you the tickets now. It is impossible.”

Even though she’s speaking english as her second language, hearing ‘impossible’ is not a promising sign.

“You were supposed to check in 2 hours before your flight.”
“Even though it was delayed by 4 hours? How could we know that?!”
“It’s okay, let’s just relax. We need to get on this plane before it leaves, so how else can you help us?”

My traveling companion is getting heated and almost just yelled at the RyanAir service desk employee. Doing that would get us nowhere, so I appeal to her for help in our situation.

If I said that the same thing could get you discounts, preferential treatment at bars and restaurants, help you make more friends, do better at business, and get free stuff, would you want it?

If it were free to learn and practice, and would make you a happier person, would you do it?

RyanAir lady is visibly angry, but says, “Give me your passports, please.”
“Thank you so much,” I say, and hand them to her.

We wait at the counter for 5 or so minutes, which feels like an eternity. Our plane is departing in 45.

She comes back, and hands us our boarding passes. I’m so happy to see her come back, and I tell her so.

“You’re awesome! You’re probably my favorite person here. Thank you SO MUCH!”

She’s still in a bad mood, but nods and moves us along.

As I’m walking up to the gate, I realize that I cut the entire line when I saw my friend arguing with the ticket counter lady—and nobody complained. We got our tickets three hours after we were supposed to, and AFTERthe employee said it was “impossible”.

I actually saved my boarding pass from this flight, and wrote “Impossible Ticket” on the back of it as a reminder of what is and isn’t possible when you’re a 10.

This is the art of being a friendly and cooperative person. Arguing, insulting, etc. is no longer necessary. Neither is bragging or grasping for attention. All you need to do is be friendly, playful, and confident.

Easier said than done, I know. Luckily there are experts who are prepared to teach you. Go listen to this podcast: Pickup Podcast Episode 50: Advanced Toolbox – Value (pt 1)

Since I learned and started doing this, I’ve noticed my quantity of free beverages increase SIGNIFICANTLY. Even if you start doing this as a means to an end, it’ll change your life in a positive way. Do it. Now. Go.


I’m still travelling, it turns out that it is addictive. Right now I’m in Los Angeles (excellent weather, not so excellent air) and I’ll be back on the east coast in a matter of days. Then it’s back up to Ithaca where I will be spending a few months making money and getting my life more in order.

You should expect to see more posts in the coming weeks/months than the past few. Also, I’ll be redesigning the site. Exciting!