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  • Brain Oddities: Spelling is Irrelevant to Comprehension

    In trying to make sense of the world around us, our brains have evolved to do some very odd things. The more we learn about our cognitive processes, the more it seems we have inherited a very weird wetware set, filled with bizarre and misleading foibles.

    While most of the cognitive errors I reference here work against us — especially as investors — today’s example of a cognitive process works strangely in the brain’s favorSpelling don’t matter. Comprehension remains essentially unchanged, even when all letters of a word are totally mixed up — just so long as the first and last letters are in their proper place.

    Spelling, it seems, is irrelevant to comprehension. Try this jumble below and see if the flawed wetware you call a brain can read it:



    Pretty cool, eh? Quite a marvelous set of neurons you got there . . .

  • Devices For Mindless Communication [Objects]

    Devices For Mindless Communication is a collection of projects by Gerard Rallo, a researcher, technologist, designer and a recent graduate of MA in Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art. His work explores speculative roles of technology to interrogate social implications of progress.

    With new technologies as an important driver, certain real life interactions are falling into disuse for large segments of society.
    As a result, we see a mix of social groups with radically different values, social skills, perceptions, and ways of engaging the real world and its inhabitants. With this set up, these projects explore how we interact with each other, and speculate about alternative roles of technology, those mediating the most mundane communication practices in shared physical spaces. Practice, based on near future projections of current behavioral and technological trends, as an exercise of reflection on how bizarre our fundamental communication practices and basic assumptions might be seen when looked at from another perspective.

    Gerard Rallo, together with Andrew FrienSitraka Rakotoniaina also graduates from Royal College of Art, constitute Studio Good One collective, a practice that embraces conceptual design, graphic design, interactive design, exhibition and space design, and the points at which they may converge.

    photo above by ha++

    Conversation Challenger

    The possible success of conversational technologies with access to all-knowledgeable semantic networks might lead to a massive disinterest in regular human beings. This device listens to one half of a conversation, and competes for your attention with related content streamed from the net. It allows you to choose where to direct your attention; towards the speaker, or the device. In this situation, the individual speaking does his or her best to pull attention away from the device and back to themselves, but is it really possible for someone be more interesting than everything else?

    Project Page

    Personal Adviser For Reintegration

    Sporadic, banal conversations with no aim behind them are at risk of disappearing, no longer a learned or common behavior of future generations. This device tracks conversations, giving hints about open questions, accepted comments, answers, and expressions.
    It brings the awkward pleasure of small talk back to those who no longer interact with others for no reason.

    Project Page

    photo above by ha++

    Reiterative Communication Aid

    Most of the conversations we have through our life are redundant. This fact clashes with modern praise of time efficiency and real time data consumption. This device tracks conversations you have throughout your entire life, analysing your patterns of communication. Eventually, when a repeated pattern is detected, the device is able to replace you in that conversation, allowing you a freedom to explore anything and everything else.

    Project Page

    photo above by ha++

    Expressions Dispatcher

    Many decisions made in our everyday lives are influenced by expert advice, from hairstyles to insurance policies. Yet, millions of decisions are made on a daily basis and instantly expressed through our own facial expressions without any preconceived external reassurance. We continuously strive to project a desired physical self image of ourselves, sometimes requiring most of our cognitive resources, and paradoxically, this daily challenge has a big impact on our lives. Expressions Dispatcher is designed to help people in their quest for expressiveness.

    Project Page

    photos above by ha++

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