This Post Isn’t About The Holidays

I know it’s Winter Holiday Season, but shut up. I’ll get to that later. Maybe.

I did a really satisfying small project today. First, some backstory and musical accompaniment…

Alex Weber, The DJ

Years ago, I was a Superfamous World-class DJ who was loved and feared far and wide.

(I thought I told you to shut up, just go with me on this one, OK?)

So, while I was busy being awesome, I met Jordan from The Art of Charm and he was so impressed with my unique combination of exessive charisma, social grace, and total nerdiness that he basically pleaded with me for like a year to join his company and help them be more awesome. Something like that.

Being as legendar-ily amazing and infinitely compassionate as I was am, I could not refuse. So I set aside my diamond-encrusted platinum-plated SL-1200s and joined The Art of Charm in their quest to teach men everywhere the Way of Excellence.

Mine was way cooler. It had diamonds.

Over time, my immense fame and reputation has dwindled. However, I was presented with an unique opportunity recently: Join forces with DJ Vandelay and Xiaoyu to form… Something Awesome That Has No Official Name!

This is pretty much awesome, and I’m really excited at the chance to DJ live again.

Something Like A Tragedy Strikes! Continue reading “This Post Isn’t About The Holidays”

Gadgets, Tigers, and A DJ Mix From Outer Space

Oh boy, do I have lots of fun stuff for you today!

First, I’m not sure if you know this… but I’m an avid (to say the least) gadget-blog reader. I regularly surf several of them to see what’s hot in upcoming technology. Can’t we all just be living in the future already?! So, I found the following video via¬†The Singularity Hub. It’s a parody of a Microsoft concept vid.

Watch and enjoy:

Then, have a listen to this mysterious DJ mix from “Felix YZ”, who is definitely not just a pseudonym of mine. Did you see how it says on Soundcloud that I captured the stream from a low-earth-orbiting party satellite? You can’t just make up awesome stuff like that.

Carrying on… Stay with me here, children, we have a lot to get through today!

Did you know there’s a totally righteous place in Thailand where you can chill out with Tigers? (Not the Detroit-based Major League Baseball team, but the jungle cats that are so Officially Bad-Ass that they needed to be capitalized.) Continue reading “Gadgets, Tigers, and A DJ Mix From Outer Space”

The Hype Machine Is Awesome

If you don’t know, now you have no excuse.

The Hype Machine

I get almost all of my new music from The Hype Machine. Try checking out the Popular page, or you can just listen to everything I like.

Register your account, and you can listen for as long as you like, as well as get your own fancy-pants music feed delivering music that you like, right to your face.


Top Secret P.S. If you click “read full post” under any songs you can like, there’s a good chance you can download them from the originating music blog.

Disclaimer: if you like the music, buy it and support the artists!